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      Research Areas

      Equity Research

      With approximately 70 analysts covering nearly 1,200 companies and associates in the United States and Canada, Raymond James fields one of the largest research organizations in the brokerage industry and serves institutional investors domestically and abroad.

      Fixed Income Analysis

      For clients who appreciate knowing what their monthly investment income will be, the Raymond James Fixed Income Group offers an extensive range of fixed income securities.

      Mutual Fund Research

      The Raymond James Mutual Fund Research department has been producing load and no-load open-end mutual fund research reports for use by our financial advisors for more than 15 years.

      Closed-End Fund Research

      Raymond James offers full-service Closed-End Fund and Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs) research departments.

      Asset Management Research

      In order to offer a selection of asset managers designed to meet investors' diverse needs, we employ one of the most highly regarded due diligence groups in the nation to review managers before their services are offered through Raymond James.

      If you’re not already working with a Raymond James advisor, we invite you to contact one in your area. We’re confident you’ll find a financial professional who’s right for you.

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      Connect with a Raymond James advisor or office near you.

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