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      Municipal Bonds Negotiated New Issue Calendar

      Raymond James underwrites debt on behalf of municipalities throughout the nation. The bond issues below represent selected negotiated offerings in which the firm will participate in. These bonds are subject to prior sale. This offering calendar is for information purposes only, and is not intended as an offer for solicitation with respect to the purchase or sale of any securities. New issues are offered by Official Statement only, which can be found by clicking the issuer name below or here: Recent Municipal Bond New Issue Offering Documents

      Please consult your financial advisor to determine the appropriateness of investing in these or other securities.

      Download a print friendly version of our new issue calendar here.

      Amount ($Mil) Issuer State Description Ratings Structure Maturity Date
      Monday, November 4
      5.31 Big Oaks Municipal Utility District TX Waterworks & Sewer System Combination Unlimited Tax & Revenue Bonds --/AA /-- (--/A /--) AGM Bank Qualified 03/01/2020-28
      Tuesday, November 5
      30.61 Titus County TX Taxable Unlimited Tax Refunding Bonds --/AA /-- (--/A /--) BAM Taxable 03/01/2020-34
      224.1 The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority IL Toll Highway Senior Revenue Bonds, 2019 Series B (Refunding) A1 /AA- /AA- General Market 1/1/25-31
      40.64 The FAU Finance Corporation FL Taxable Capital Improvement Refunding Revenue Bonds (Student Housing Project) Series 2019C A1 /NR /A+ Taxable 7/1/20-34,41
      64.57 The FAU Finance Corporation FL Capital Improvement Revenue Bonds (Student Housing Project) Series 2019B A1 /NR /A+ General Market 7/1/22-39,44,49
      351.61 The City of Birmingham Water Works Board AL Senior Taxable Water Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2019 Aa2 /AA /-- Taxable 1/1/20-45
      14.26 Rowland Unified SD (Los Angeles County) CA 2019 General Obligation Refunding Bonds Aa2 /--/-- General Market  
      31.83 Plainfield High School Bldg Corp IN Ad Valorem Property Tax First Mortgage Bonds --/AA+ /--(--/AA- /--) General Market 01/15/2022-38
      13.25 Iberia Parishwide School District LA General Obligation Refunding Bonds --/AA- /-- General Market  
      5.08 CUSD No. 226 Ogle County, Illinois (Byron) IL General Obligation Refunding School Bonds Series 2019 --/A+ /-- Bank Qualified 01/01/2021-24
      Wednesday, November 6
      12.82 Yolo County Public Agencies Financing Authority CA 2019 Solid Waste Revenue Bonds --/AA- /-- General Market 12/01/2020-39
      200.00 Tennessee Housing Development TN Residental Fiance Program Bonds Issue 201904 (Non-Amt) Aa1 /AA+ /-- General Market 07/01/2020-50
      719.50 Massachusetts School Building Authority MA Subordinated Dedicated Sales Tax Refunding Bonds, 2019 Series B (Federally Taxable) Aa3 /AA /AA+ Taxable 10/15/20-26,35,40
      2.64 El Dorado Union HSD CA 2019 Refunding Certificates of Participation --/AA /-- (--/A+ /--) AGM General Market  
      3.42 City of Quincy (Adams County) IL 2019 General Obligation Refunding Bonds --/AA /-- (--/A+ /--) BAM General Market 12/01/2020-28
      17.69 (City of Quincy Project) Western IL Econ Dev Auth IL Local Government Program Revenue Bonds, Series 2019B --/AA /-- (--/A+ /--) BAM General Market 12/01/2027-38
      Thursday, November 7
      5.62 Town of West New York in the County of Hudson, NJ NJ Parking Utility Refunding Bonds, Series 2019 NR /AA /--(NR /A+ /--) BAM Bank Qualified 7/15/20-36
      9.00 Lynwood Public Financing Authority CA Taxable Lease Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2019A and Tax-Exempt Lease Revenue Bonds, Series 2019B --/A- /-- Taxable  
      10.00 Lynwood Public Finance Authority CA Lease Revenue Bonds Series 2019B (Tax-Exempt) --/A- /-- General Market  
      12.8 Kentucky Housing Corporation KY Multifamly Rental Housing Revenue Bonds (BTT Development III Portfolio) Aaa /--/-- General Market 44896
      46.34 Greenwood Independent School District TX Unlimited Tax Refunding Bonds --/AAA /AAA (--/AA- /AA ) PSF Taxable 2/15/2020, 2023-43
      12.37 Essex County Improvement Authority NJ Capital Equipment Lease Program, Series 2019 Aaa /NR /NR General Market 10/1/20-29
      2.44 City of Parker TX General Obligation Refunding Bonds --/AA+ /-- Bank Qualified 2/15/2020-28
      1.91 City of Early, Texas TX General Obligation Refunding Bonds --/A /-- Bank Qualified 02/15/2020-27

      *Ratings from Moody’s/S&P/Fitch

      Additional municipal trade price information and disclosure documents are available on the MSRB’s Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) system.