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      Raymond James Consulting Services
      Our unique four-step process

      Step 1

      We lay the groundwork by setting your return objectives and assessing your tolerance for risk. In step one, we develop forward-looking risk and return assumptions based on economic data and indicators. These forward-looking capital markets assumptions make it possible to move beyond simply using historical data, which has been shown to encourage trend-chasing behavior in even the most sophisticated investor.

      Step 2

      Asset allocation choices are constructed. This step is important because every investor has a unique risk comfort level, and we have developed portfolios that target a broad range of risk levels. The forward-looking capital markets assumptions are used in a sophisticated optimization process that seeks to maximize the return potential at each level of risk.

      These portfolios provide you with diversification that is intended to reduce the overall volatility of your portfolio, allowing you to stay on track in attaining your goals. Be aware that asset allocation has been shown to be responsible for 90% of the variability of returns over time.

      (“Determinants of Portfolio Return,” Brinson, Beebower & Associates, 1986, 1991 & 1995)

      Step 3

      Managers are selected and portfolios assembled. Hiring a manager requires confidence that the manager can add value, and Raymond James Consulting Services evaluates manager skill separately from the effects of the market overall. We do more than simply examine a manager’s total returns, we isolate their efforts from the effects of the market seeking to identify manager skill. Portfolio construction involves filling in the asset allocation with the appropriate managers.

      We treat portfolio construction as a distinct piece of the process. We seek to combine these managers in ways that help maintain the integrity of the asset allocation by avoiding unintentional biases in the portfolio.

      Step 4

      We proactively and continuously monitor each element of your program. We believe that monitoring your situation through periodic reviews is critical, and Raymond James Consulting Services observes and updates the capital markets assumptions in an attempt to provide efficient asset allocations.

      We continuously monitor all managers in an attempt to proactively identify whether there are any changes to their situations or investment processes that could impact performance. We also search for and evaluate potential managers who meet our strict requirements for inclusion. You can be confident that you have access to a broad range of investment alternatives.

      Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or a loss. There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.

      Diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against a loss.