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      What's a Managed Account?

      A separately managed account is one that’s owned by the individual investor and monitored by a professional money manager. In the past, only institutional investors (like large pension plans and endowments) could get access to professional money management firms. But that’s changed. Now the services of these money managers are within reach of individual investors just like you.

      There is no assurance that any investment program will result in success. Investing involves risk and investors may incur a profit or a loss. Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) may not be appropriate for all investors. SMA minimums are typically $100,000 and greater, thus SMAs may be more appropriate for affluent investors with $300,000 or more to invest. While diversification may be achieved within an individual SMA, due to holdings typically numbering between 20 and 70 securities, it is recommended that clients utilize multiple SMAs with varied investment disciplines (growth, value, large-cap, mid-cap, etc.) to achieve greater diversification. It is important to review investment objectives, risk tolerance, tax objectives and liquidity needs before choosing an investment style or manager. In making an investment decision an individual should utilize other information sources and the advice of their financial advisor.

      All investments carry a certain degree of risk and no one particular investment style or manager is suitable for all types of investors. Statements made herein should not be considered forward looking, and are not guarantees of future performance of any investment.

      A complete schedule of charges associated with the Raymond James Consulting Services program is available in the Raymond James & Associate’s Wrap Fee Program Brochure and the RJCS Client Agreement, which are available from your financial advisor.