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      Asset Management Services

      How we’re different

      For individuals who seek a disciplined, systematic strategy to manage risk and return, active management has never been easier. And these investments have never been more accessible – all because our four-step process sets us apart.

      Step one:

      Your advisor will help you complete a comprehensive Investment Policy Questionnaire which is used as a starting point to determine risk tolerance, time horizon and return expectations. Asset Management Services develops the kind of forward-looking risk and return assumptions that move beyond just using historical data, which has been shown to encourage trend-chasing behavior in even the most sophisticated investor.

      Step two:

      Asset allocation choices are constructed and presented for full discussion. You’ll find that the forward-looking capital markets assumptions are used in a sophisticated optimization process that seeks to maximize the return potential at each level of risk in an approach that is specifically selected to fit your situation and respects your dreams for the future.

      Step three:

      Managers are selected and portfolios created. We do more than just examine a manager’s total returns, we isolate their efforts from the effects of the market, seeking to identify manager skill. We treat portfolio construction as a distinct piece of the process.

      Step four:

      We proactively and continuously monitor each element of the program. We scrutinize every manager in an effort to proactively identify issues that could impact performance. We search for potential managers who meet strict requirements. You can be confident that you have access to a broad range of investment alternatives and that your portfolio is being managed in a manner that’s customized, comprehensive and ongoing. All this frees you from the day-to-day monitoring of your investments. And you don’t have to sacrifice quick response when your life changes.

      Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or a loss. There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful.