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      The Freedom Retirement Account

      Living longer should be a goal, not a risk factor in your retirement plan. The Freedom Retirement Account recognizes and addresses your concerns about outliving your wealth. By moderately increasing the portfolio’s equity exposure, the program seeks to balance market risk – the volatility in the value of your investments – with longevity risk, the chance of depleting your assets.

      Enjoy all of the benefits of Freedom, including annual rebalancing, constant monitoring of managers and updated forward-looking assumptions, with added focus on ensuring you have the income you need in retirement.

      Visit RJFreedom.com to learn more.

      *All investments are subject to risk. There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful. In a fee-based account clients pay a quarterly fee, based on the level of assets in the account, for the services of a financial advisor as part of an advisory relationship. In deciding to pay a fee rather than commissions, clients should understand that the fee may be higher than a commission alternative during periods of lower trading activity.

      Advisory fees are in addition to the internal expenses charged by mutual funds and other investment company securities. To the extent that clients intend to hold these securities, the internal expenses should be included when evaluating the costs of a fee-based account. Clients should periodically reevaluate whether the use of an asset-based fee continues to be appropriate in servicing their needs. These additional considerations, as well as the Freedom fee schedule, are listed more fully in the Client Agreement and the Raymond James & Associate’s Wrap Fee Program Brochure, which can be obtained through your financial advisor.