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      Raymond James Insurance Group

      When clients need insurance and annuity services, Raymond James Insurance Group delivers.

      Raymond James Insurance Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Raymond James Financial, provides carefully screened insurance and annuity products and services to Raymond James financial advisors and select correspondent firms.

      Contact Information

      Raymond James Insurance Group
      880 Carillon Parkway
      St. Petersburg, FL 33716

      Introducing Raymond James Insurance Group

      When Bob James established Raymond James in 1962, he pioneered incorporating financial planning as an integral component of personal investing. He understood, too, that insurance plays a crucial role in a complete financial planning process, and should be part of every client's plan. As a consequence, Raymond James Insurance Group was founded in 1968, making it the firm's oldest subsidiary.

      Today, Raymond James Insurance Group not only provides insurance and annuity products, it focuses on helping advisors deliver insurance solutions that address their clients' specific challenges.

      Products and Services

      Raymond James Insurance Group takes pride in offering access to a wide array of financially solid insurance companies, enabling your Raymond James financial advisor to help you select the annuity, life, long-term care and disability policies that meet your needs.

      Due Diligence and Compliance

      Our longstanding business relationships with many insurance carriers facilitate open communication about new products, opportunities, challenges and trends. Before agreeing to work with a carrier or offering a product to clients, we carefully examine financials, investment strategies, industry ratings, and operational, technical and support capabilities.

      Then we go a step farther: We monitor carriers, as well as any potential legislative developments, on an ongoing basis - part of our continuing effort to identify potential issues before they emerge.

      Client Services

      Raymond James Insurance Group works with your advisor to help you select the most suitable strategies and products for your needs. We provide:

      • Consultative services,
      • Product comparisons,
      • Technical support,
      • Advanced estate and business planning, and
      • Comprehensive training.


      Scott Stolz is the president of Raymond James Insurance Group, the insurance general agency for the broker/dealers of Raymond James Financial, Inc. Prior to joining Raymond James Insurance Group in 2005, Scott spent eight years as Jackson National Life's senior vice president of administration. In this role, he was responsible for the administrative and customer service functions of the firm's life and annuity divisions.

      From 1994 to 1996, Scott served as vice president of operations and technology for North American Security Life, now part of John Hancock Financial. Earlier, he held several roles at SunAmerica Inc., including senior vice president of annuity operations and senior vice president and national sales manager of broker/dealer marketing. Scott began his career at Edward Jones & Co., where he was the annuity product manager in the firm's insurance department.

      Scott is a frequent speaker on topics ranging from customer service to the variable annuity industry. He holds both a BSBA and an MBA in finance from Washington University in St. Louis. He and his wife, Joan, have two children.