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      Media Kit

      Company History
      In 1962, Raymond James was founded as a different kind of financial services firm. Follow a timeline of highlights to see how the firm has grown from its modest beginnings into a respected, multinational company.

      Who is Raymond James?
      The name of the company comes from a merging of firms run by Robert A. James and Edward Raymond. Raymond James was incorporated as Robert A. James Investments in 1962. In 1964 Raymond and Associates merged into Robert A. James Investments and the firm of Raymond James & Associates was formed.

      Raymond James Financial offers its clients a wide selection of investments and services through its subsidiaries and affiliates. Learn more about the different investment firms, asset management groups, international offices and others.

      Private Client Group
      A description of Raymond James’ Private Client Group, the broker/dealers that make up PCG, and the multiple product and service resources providing support to Raymond James advisors.

      Leadership Team
      For photos, more detailed bios or interview requests for members of the Raymond James operating committee, please contact Media Relations by email or at 727-567-2824.

      Board of Directors
      For photos, bios or interview requests for the board of directors, please contact Media Relations by email or at 727-567-2824.

      Map of Office Locations
      View a map of our United States, Canada and United Kingdom offices and use the office locator to find specific addresses.

      Financial Highlights
      See an overview of our stock performance, revenue and more for the past seven years.

      Investment and Economic Experts
      With more than 90 industry research analysts and associates, Raymond James has one of the larger research organizations in the brokerage industry. Our fundamental research is complemented by macro research from our well-known experts listed below.

      Investment Strategy: Larry Adam Chief Investment Officer

      Economic Outlook: Scott J. Brown, Ph.D. Senior Vice President, Senior Economist

      Industry sectors covered by Raymond James research analysts and associates include: consumer, energy, financial services, healthcare, business and industrial, services, real estate, technology, and telecommunications. For more information, see the Equity Capital Markets research site.

      For interviews, please contact Media Relations by email or at 727-567-2824.

      Analysts Covering Raymond James
      Learn about the analysts from other companies covering the firm and hear a replay of the most recent quarterly conference call.

      TV and Radio Capabilities
      A television studio with a Raymond James branded set is available for live interviews and uplinks, and our sound studio is fully equipped for radio interviews.

      In the Community
      Raymond James believes in giving back to the communities in which it does business and has been recognized as a philanthropic leader. Visit www.1susb.com/about-us/social-responsibility, or view the fact sheet to learn more about our charitable giving efforts to support the arts and sponsorships.