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      Investment and Economic Experts

      Raymond James is one of the few firms in the nation to offer equity, open-end mutual fund, fixed income and asset management research to its clients. We firmly believe that having reliable, current research is important in the investment and financial planning process. The two experts below publish daily, weekly and/or monthly commentary and analysis for Raymond James’ advisors and clients. To reach an analyst or associate please contact Media Relations by e-mail or at 727-567-2824. To learn more about the firm’s coverage click here.

      Investment Strategy

      Larry Adam
      Chief Investment Officer
      Raymond James & Associates

      Larry Adam joined Raymond James in 2018 as the chief investment officer for Private Client Group. Prior to joining Raymond James, Larry, as a managing director, held the dual roles of CIO of the Americas and global chief investment strategist for Deutsche Bank private wealth management. He sat on the U.S. investment committee, the management team responsible for investment strategy and asset allocation for U.S. discretionary client portfolios. He was also a member of Deutsche Bank’s global investment committee that formalizes and establishes the global house view. Prior to being named Deutsche Bank’s global chief investment strategist, Larry was the head of the asset allocation and quantitative analysis group, the group responsible for analyzing and implementing client-specific asset allocation strategies. He joined Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown in 1992.

      Larry received a B.B.A. with a concentration in finance from Loyola University Maryland in 1991 and received a master’s degree in business with a concentration in finance from Loyola University Maryland in 1993. He received the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 1996, the Certified Investment Management AnalystSM designation in 2001 and the Certified Financial Planner® designation in 2004. Larry has been featured prominently on CNBC and Bloomberg and is frequently quoted in well-known publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and the International Herald Tribune.

      Economic Outlook

      Scott J. Brown, Ph.D.
      Senior Vice President, Chief Economist
      Raymond James & Associates

      Scott Brown is chief economist for Raymond James' Private Client Group. Prior to joining the company in 1993, Scott was a manager of economic research at Pacific First Bank, Seattle, and had previously been director of research at First Imperial Advisors.

      Scott has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of California, Irvine, a master’s degree in statistics from the University of Illinois and a doctorate in economics from the University of California, San Diego. He is a member of the American Economic Association and the National Association for Business Economics. He also serves on the Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors for the state of Florida and is a member of the Economic Advisory Council of the American Bankers Association.

      Fixed Income

      Kevin Giddis
      Executive Vice President, Co-Head of Fixed Income Capital Markets

      Kevin Giddis joined Raymond James in April 2012 when Morgan Keegan was acquired by Raymond James. He serves as an executive vice president and co-head of the Fixed Income Capital Markets division of Raymond James. Kevin oversees the Fixed Income division’s sales, trading, underwriting and research operations, which provide support for institutional and retail financial advisors. Kevin joined Morgan Keegan in 1998 as head of the fixed income retail trading desk. In 2008, he was named head of fixed income sales, trading and research, prior to being named president of the fixed income capital markets division in 2010. He was a member of Morgan Keegan’s executive committee, the firm’s credit committee, Regions Bank’s economic forecasting committee and Regions Bank’s traded markets open committee.

      Prior to joining Morgan Keegan, Kevin was senior vice president and head of taxable fixed income trading at Principal Financial Securities in Dallas. He previously served as vice president and head of dealer desk at Hibernia National Bank in Dallas. Kevin was also an institutional salesman at Deposit Guaranty National Bank and Howard Weil & Co. in Jackson, Mississippi. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in finance from the University of Southern Mississippi. Kevin serves on the board of trustees of St. George’s Independent School. He also serves on the University of Southern Mississippi Athletic Foundation Board. Kevin makes regular appearances on Bloomberg Television, Fox Business News and CNBC, and is frequently quoted in publications including MarketWatch, Investors Business Daily, Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, CNN Money, The USA Today and The New York Times.

      Portfolio & Technical Strategy

      Mike Gibbs
      Director of Portfolio & Technical Strategy

      Mike Gibbs joined Raymond James in 2012 through the acquisition of Morgan Keegan. He currently serves as the firm’s director of portfolio & technical strategy. Mike joined Morgan Keegan in 1986 as a financial advisor and became senior investment strategist for the firm in 2003. In 2009, he assumed the role of director of equity strategy. As the firm’s investment strategist, his role was to guide financial advisors on market strategy and stock selection through the use of fundamental and technical analysis.

      Mike serves on both the U.S. and Canadian Raymond James Investment Strategy Committees. He is responsible for the four model portfolios offered by his group as well as the U.S. equity sector research and recommendations. His insight has been featured on various financial news networks, including Fox Business News, CNBC and Bloomberg, as well as in print media such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, MarketWatch and Bloomberg.

      Raymond James Research Analysts

      With more than 100 industry research analysts and associates, Raymond James fields one of the top 5 research organizations in North America in terms of number of companies covered. Our fundamental research effort is complemented by macro research from our well known economic, strategic, and technical experts. On average, Raymond James research analysts possess several years of sell-side experience, and many have extensive prior experience in the industries they now cover. In addition, many of our analysts and associates have earned their CFA or other professional designation.

      Industry sectors covered by Raymond James research analysts and associates include: Consumer, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Industrial, Mining & Natural Resources, Real Estate, Technology & Communications and Transportation. To learn more click here.