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      Annual Report 2018

      Since our founding in 1962, Raymond James has been in the business of planning – for private, corporate and governmental clients, for advisors, for the firm and always for the future.

      Message from the Chairman and CEO

      Business Units

      In 2018, the future was continuing to rapidly change shape.

      But we remained focused on what’s now, on what’s always been: Our clients.

      • Industry-leading retention of current advisors, strong productivity and record recruiting – boosted by positive equity markets and higher short-term interest rates – combined to drive Private Client Group client assets under administration up 15% to $755.7 billion as of the end of fiscal year 2018.


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      • Capital Markets reported record Investment Banking and overall Equity Capital Markets (ECM) revenues in 2018, driven primarily by robust Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) activity. This growth in M&A helped offset the impact of a challenging environment for equity and fixed income institutional commissions, as well as Public Finance Underwriting.

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      • The combined efforts of Asset Management Services (AMS), which provides a single source for managed accounts and fee-based platforms for Raymond James financial advisors, and Carillon Tower Advisers, a global asset management firm made up of independent boutiques spanning various investment disciplines and asset classes, resulted in strong results in 2018.

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      • Driven by continued growth in its loan portfolio and bolstered by a rising interest rate environment, Raymond James Bank posted record net revenues and pre-tax income in fiscal year 2018 – increases of 23% and 20% over fiscal 2017, respectively.


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      Message from the Chairman and CEO

      The Stories of 2018

      10-K Report

      10-Year Financial Summary

      Corporate and Shareholder Information

      Corporate Leadership

      Raymond James Cares

      Together, we can make a difference.

      Wherever Raymond James has offices, you will see our associates giving back.

      2018 was a good year for doing good.

      $56.4 million

      Contributed by the firm and our associates in 2018