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      State & Local Government

      Financial foundations for growing communities.

      States, counties, cities and towns have unique financing needs to help provide citizens with essential services. From new buildings and roads to utility projects and improved water systems, complex financing structures are often required to fund progress within communities. And as challenges grow to provide services within already stretched budgets, the public finance professionals at Raymond James have the experience and expertise to provide innovative solutions to these complex needs. In 2018, we senior managed nearly $13 billion of negotiated and competitive issues, while we senior and co-managed 928 issues with total par amount of $66 billion.

      *Source: Bloomberg

      Full-service Capabilities

      • Debt refinancing
      • General obligation bonds
      • Capital planning and project feasibility analysis
      • Electric utility revenue bonds
      • Local government bond rating process
      • Sales tax and other revenue bonds
      • Water and sewer/utilities revenue bonds
      • Special tax obligation
      • Special assessments
      • Lease revenue financing
      • School district financing

      Great ideas and superior execution know no boundaries

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      Public Finance Market Watch

      In-depth and timely commentary and analysis on the municipal market from industry experts.