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      Illinois Public Finance

      Public Finance Market Watch

      In-depth and timely commentary and analysis on the municipal market from industry experts.

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      Where specialized expertise meets excellent service.

      Raymond James Public Finance is a proven partner for municipal bond issuers across Illinois. Our Public Finance team has the expertise, experience and trusted guidance to make a significant difference in your community’s financial outlook – because your community is our community, too. With 22 dedicated municipal institutional sales professionals and more than 175 fixed income generalists, we strive to provide outstanding service at the lowest possible borrowing cost to our clients. In addition to our Public Finance and Fixed Income teams, Raymond James has over 400 financial advisors and associates living, working and managing more than $24 billion in total assets across the state of Illinois.

      Our veteran team members work with government entities to provide tailored financing solutions to help meet their unique needs. From new municipal and education facilities to improved water and sewer systems and economic development projects, complex financing structures are often required to fund progress within communities.

      Our goal is simple: help provide clients with quality financial services. In doing so, Raymond James Public Finance consistently ranks among the Top 10 underwriters of municipal bonds nationwide.*

      Top 10

      underwriter of Illinois bonds in 2018**


      public finance professionals


      municipal bond underwriters (including National Head of Underwriting)


      institutional fixed income sales professionals


      financial advisors nationwide


      under management in 131,293 retail accounts serviced by 413 retail employees in the state

      Data as of December 31, 2018 unless otherwise noted
      *Source: Thomson Reuters, based on total par amount (2013 – 2018)
      **Source: Bloomberg, based on total par amount
      Past performance may not be indicative of future results.

      Full-service Capabilities


      • Underwriting
      • Financial advisory/municipal advisor
      • Placement agent
      • Bond proceeds investment strategy
      • Derivatives advisory
      • Rating agency strategy
      • Debt portfolio analysis and structuring
      • Referenda strategy
      • Financial/budget projections
      • Continuing disclosure dissemination agent

      Debt Advised On or Underwritten

      • General obligation bonds
        • Limited tax
        • Unlimited tax/referendum
        • Alternate revenue source
      • Debt certificates
      • Certificates of participation (COPs)
      • Pension obligation bonds
      • Dedicated revenue bonds
      • Tax anticipation warrants/notes
      • Master lease program financing
      • Tax increment financing (TIF)
      • Tax-credit financings
      • USDA financings

      Issuers Served

      • Municipalities
      • Park districts
      • Counties
      • Public school districts
      • Charter schools
      • Community colleges
      • Universities
      • Water and sewer/utilities
      • Transportation authorities
      • Airports
      • Housing
      • Healthcare
      • Economic development projects


      Elizabeth Hennessy
      Managing Director
      Read Bio
      Kevin O’Kelly
      Vice President
      Read Bio
      Linda Byron
      Linda Byron
      Vice President
      Read Bio
      Paula Arnedo
      Read Bio
      Karen Barron
      Administrative Assistant
      Read Bio
      Casy O’Brien
      Managing Director
      Read Bio
      Parker Colvin
      Managing Director, Municipal Underwriter
      Read Bio
      Headshot for Steven Julian
      Steven Julian
      Senior VP in Fixed Income Trading
      Chicago, IL
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