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      Florida Public Finance

      Public Finance Market Watch

      In-depth and timely commentary and analysis on the municipal market from industry experts.

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      Invested in your community. Because it’s ours, too.

      With an unmatched presence in the state, Raymond James’ experienced public finance banking team blends personalized service with more than a half century of community commitment. Florida is our home, not a place where we come to do deals. Raymond James is proud to be the only major financial services firm founded and headquartered in Florida, with our global headquarters in St. Petersburg. Our dedicated team is part of Raymond James’ strong and growing presence in the State with almost 300 offices in Florida – including our St. Petersburg headquarters. Our broad and diverse distribution network spans nearly 900 retail advisors managing over 300,000 client accounts for Floridians totaling more than $70 billion. Deep community ties and long-term relationships are our foundation for providing enhanced public financial resources throughout every transaction.

      For more than 55 years, Raymond James has remained committed to the principle that putting others first – from our clients to our neighbors – is the right thing to do. And with the global headquarters located in St. Petersburg, Florida, Raymond James has been a proud sponsor of and participant in more than 185 major charitable, cultural, educational and municipal organizations throughout Florida. With the largest underwriting desk in the Southeast and unsurpassed local and statewide knowledge, Raymond James is a proven industry leader consistently ranking as one of the top 10 senior managing underwriters in Florida and nationwide.

      *Source: Thomson Reuters, based on total par amount (2013 - 2017)

      Full-service Capabilities

      • Underwriting
        • General Obligation
        • Water & Sewer/Utilities
        • Special Tax Obligations
        • Certificates of Participation
        • Airports
        • Surface Transportation
        • K-12 School
        • Higher Education
        • Housing
        • Healthcare
        • Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
        • Non-Ad Valorem Revenues
        • Special Assessments
      • Private Placements
        • Placement Agent
        • Direct Placements/Bank Loans (through Raymond James Capital Funding, Inc.)
      • Specialty Financings
        • USDA
        • Pensions Bonds
        • Stadiums
        • Taxable
      • Financial Advisory
      • Debt Portfolio Analysis
      • Rating Agency Strategy


      Kapil Bhatia
      Managing Director
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      Jon Eichelberger
      Managing Director
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      Rick Patterson
      Managing Director
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      Parker Colvin
      Managing Director, Municipal Underwriter
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      Sasha Stipanovich
      Vice President
      Read Bio
      Mary Beth Hargrove
      Read Bio
      Frank Leto
      Read Bio

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