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      We focus on your needs, not just the latest trends.

      Good ideas result from research conducted with an understanding of what a client needs – and what the market can offer. That’s just the sort of approach you can expect from Raymond James.

      Our trading desks focus on the ultimate goals of our clients. We closely examine market moves to uncover relative value. We review portfolios to identify opportunities and challenges in both current and potential future market conditions. And our recommendations are made solely to help increase your profitability while managing risk and meeting your investment guidelines.

      Unlike most firms on Wall Street, we are not restricted to our own products. Typically carrying more than $1.5 billion in total fixed income inventory, we view and select inventories from diverse sources.

      With about one trader to every three salespeople, and an average of more than 21 years’ experience per trader, Raymond James makes every effort to close a deal better than anyone else.


      The Raymond James Corporate Trading Desk activity is centered on our customers and their need for liquidity. While a modest portion of trades are inter-dealer, the majority of transactions facilitate a client’s need to buy and sell securities. Our diverse sales force allows us to distribute all types of corporate securities to a wide array of accounts. With total fixed income inventory lines at over $1.5 billion, we have flexibility to accommodate our accounts when circumstances permit.

      Corporate bonds are based on research, experience, intuition – and more research. Our corporate effort is supported by dedicated analysts who evaluate credits, make relative value recommendations and develop portfolio strategies. We don’t just look for opportunities that will make our clients a dollar; we look to protect investments from declining fundamentals and credit deterioration.

      Raymond James seeks to add value for our customers by evaluating niche sectors and the second tier of issuers – areas Wall Street tends to overlook. We take our obligation to write objective, unbiased research very seriously. Our clients have come to expect us to have credit opinions backed up by critical thinking and sound fundamental judgment.


      Making the grade in underwritings is an important function of the Government Desk. With annual volume of our agency underwritings running in the $3.6 billion range, Raymond James is among the nation’s leading underwriters of new issue agencies.

      Consider these numbers*:

      • No. 5 Underwriter of FHLB Callable Debt, 85 deals valued at $1.26 billion

      • No. 9 Underwriter of All GSE Names, Callable Structures, 161 deals valued at $2.15 billion

      *Bloomberg LEAG tables

      The Government Desk positions up to $500 million in new issue and secondary agencies along with money market instruments. The desk also works daily on underwriting new issues. And in keeping with our customer focus, we are committed to increasing positions to whatever level is needed to satisfy investor demand. The Raymond James Government Desk is committed to actively making a secondary market in all government sponsored agencies, especially those issues we underwrite, providing you with the options for execution that meet your individual portfolio needs.

      With Raymond James, you find the experience and the attitude intended to provide the best execution – every time. It’s not just how we think. It’s how we do business.


      The Raymond James Mortgage-Backed Securities Desk, which handles a total annual volume of more than $40 billion, strives to consistently deliver a superior level of service and competitive execution that translates into long-term value for our clients. We remain on the leading edge in our sector.

      • We were one of the first to offer full underwriting capabilities for CMOs, utilizing the Intex structuring tool to fill inquiries from clients.
      • We’re among the first and largest underwriters/distributors of agency index-amortizing notes.
      • We were one of the first in the nation to research and trade FNMA DUS bonds, FNMA’s commercial mortgage product.
      • We were one of the first in the nation to research and trade FNMA Title 1 Home Improvement pass-throughs.

      Our trading philosophy follows our company philosophy – we’re customer driven. We buy and position bonds in support of our customers. And unlike most firms on Wall Street, we’re not restricted to our own products. We view and select inventories from diverse sources. Typically carrying $1.5 billion in total fixed income inventory, we align our buying with the specific needs of our customers – whether seeking relative value in new-issue structured product or tapping undiscovered value in the secondary markets.


      The Raymond James Public Finance group is a perennial top 10 underwriter nationally of municipal bonds, a ranking we have consistently achieved for more than a decade. This ranking pays testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation, client service and superior execution.

      The group senior led 441 negotiated and competitive issues in 2018 with a total par value of $12.9 billion.

      In 2018, Raymond James was the nation’s eighth leading municipal underwriter of negotiated and competitive issues by par amount and ranked third by number of transactions.*

      *Source: Thomson Reuters


      Raymond James has been actively involved in the purchase and sale of government guaranteed loan products for over 20 years. We have continued to be an active pool assembler of government guaranteed loans since the loan pooling program began in 1984. The universe that we cover includes not only SBA (Small Business Administration) 7(a) and 504 loans, but also USDA Rural Development/Business and Industry (United States Department of Agriculture), FSA (Farm Service Agency) loans and fixed-rate SBAP and SBIC securities.

      As regulations and mandates evolve, we strive to provide unparalleled service and solutions to our customers involved in underwriting government-guaranteed loan products. As a full service, national brokerage firm, and member of the National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders (NAGGL), we have the depth and the credentials to help.

      Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at 877.336.8063 or sbadesk@raymondjames.com.

      Whole Loan Trading

      The Raymond James Whole Loan Trading Desk has been active in the secondary loan market for over two decades. We specialize in delivering exceptional service while analyzing clients’ loan portfolios and assisting them with the buying and selling of their loans.

      Learn more about our Whole Loan Trading Desk.


      eFolio? is the first truly interactive proprietary online portfolio management system for institutions, giving you constant access to your portfolio and Raymond James’ inventory and research. Interact with your portfolio online, run what-if scenarios, shock your portfolio using interest rate assumptions and more.