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      Embark on a smooth transition

      Transition consultant

      Your dedicated transition consultant will be a key point of contact for all operational aspects of your transition. He or she is responsible for coordinating your introduction to Raymond James, its structure and its varied products, services, resources and operations. Your consultant will also coordinate registration, education, compliance approvals, marketing needs and paperwork as your clients’ documentation and assets are transferred. Your transition consultant acts as an extension of your institution and is your liaison to the Raymond James home office departments.

      Technology consultant

      Technology is a critical component of your business and, therefore, is an integral part of your transition. Your technology consultant’s goal will be to make your transition to our technology as effortless as possible. Your consultant will evaluate your specific objectives and needs, and then create a customized technology plan. Your technology consultant is your primary point of contact for all technical questions that may arise during your transition as well as your liaison to the various Raymond James information technology departments.