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      Structured Finance Group

      Fundamental insight. Creative solutions.

      The Raymond James Structured Finance Group offers an array of products and services to developers and investors seeking financing for commercial projects supported by credit tenant leases or other defined streams of cash flow. The group provides clients seeking high leverage, credit backed financing with unmatched access to the fixed income capital markets by leveraging one of the largest and most respected fixed income operations as well as the firm’s balance sheet helping to ensure optimal execution for our clients.

      Full-service Capabilities

      • Credit tenant lease-IG
      • Credit tenant lease-HYG
      • Residual notes
      • Ground lease notes
      • Build-to-suit developments
      • Acquisition financing
      • Refinancing
      • Construction/permanent

      Industry Expertise

      • Government
        • GSA/VA
        • State & municipal
        • Higher education
        • Public/private partnerships
      • Corporate
        • Office
        • Manufacturing facilities
        • Warehouse facilities
        • Data/call centers
      • Retail
        • Single-tenant
        • Grocers
        • Distribution centers
        • Convenience stores
      • Healthcare
        • Healthcare systems
        • Medical office buildings
        • Healthcare centers & clinics
        • Ambulatory


      Hugh Tanner
      Hugh Tanner
      Managing Director
      Karen Saron
      Senior Vice President
      St. Petersburg
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