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      Institutional Consulting Services

      While our clients have wide-ranging needs, they all look for a trusted and responsible partner to help meet their goals in alignment with the mission of the organizations they serve. We help institutions deliver all aspects of investment consulting from strategy development and investment research to reporting and oversight.

      Working together with your advisor, we take an objective, unbiased approach, tailor our guidance and services to each specific need, and can work with you during all stages of the relationship.

      Objective guidance for institutional investors:

      • Nonprofits
      • Foundations
      • Endowments
      • Corporations
      • Family offices
      • Insurance companies
      • Pension plans
      • Taft-Hartley Plans
      • Governments & Municipalities

      Primary Services

      • Investment policy review and development assistance
      • Asset allocation analysis and guidance
      • Investment search and selection assistance
      • Performance reporting
      • Pension plans
      • Research and due diligence
      • Fiduciary process documentation and education

      Our guiding principle: We make your mission, our mission.

      We understand your organization was established to solely support your unique purpose. With investing as the vehicle that helps sustain your mission, it's important to work with the right team to help reach your organization's goals and meet your mission as simply as possible.

      That's where we fit in.

      • Your organization isn’t like the others. Neither are we. Together with your advisor, we are committed to creating a custom investment plan aligned with your organization’s mission and goals.

        Our disciplined approach to investment management allows you to focus on meeting your mission.

        With access to institutional-class managers and an independent due diligence process and research, we provide a high level of investment insight and strategic thinking.

        Ongoing guidance, monitoring, customized performance reporting and attribution analysis allow us to adapt to market conditions and organization objectives.

      • Our layers of discipline help make your decisions clear.?In accordance with our conservative philosophy, we adhere to well-established fiduciary standards backed by our already meticulous process. These Global Fiduciary Precepts?, developed by the Center for Fiduciary Studies?, help guide us as our team approaches every decision with discipline, transparency and control.?

      Our process makes it less of one for you.

      We know how important it is for our clients to meet their investment stewardship obligations. Our hands-on, proactive guidance includes creating and implementing a well-defined process for making informed decisions based on prudent investment practices. Our process is designed to provide additional discipline and structure for all aspects of investment consulting.

      • Listening to you helps us learn first about your organization’s objectives, willingness and ability to take on investment risk, and liquidity needs. By reviewing your current investment policy and discussing your fiduciary responsibilities we begin to build a picture of how we can best support you.

      • Creating your investment plan and portfolio includes selecting asset classes and an allocation appropriate for your organization, and in alignment with your investment policy. We keep in mind the need for active versus passive investing needs, as well as more specific considerations like your spending policy.

      • Constructing your portfolio means diving deep into the investment options well-suited for your organization. Whether you need active or passive investing, we apply specific investment types such as separately managed accounts, ETFs, funds or other appropriate investment vehicle types based on your unique needs.

      • Once we’ve created and implemented your plan, we keep working for you. We monitor your investment plan and provide ongoing support to you and your organization that includes custom performance reporting, research and due diligence, and education for fiduciaries.

      • Once your investment process is established and investments are implemented, our work and communications continue.? Along with your advisor, each investment solution we help our clients select requires our ongoing analysis and review. In some cases, we may also assist you with developing an alternate monitoring process for other investments within your portfolio and ensure that the process is well documented.

      Contact your financial advisor for more information.

      Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful or that any securities transaction, holdings, sectors or allocations discussed will be profitable.Contact your financial advisor for more information.

      Investment products are not FDIC or NCUA insured, have no bank guarantee, are subject to risk, and may lose value.