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      Investment Banking

      The first step of your career can be the most important.

      Raymond James, a premier middle market investment banking firm, offers an exceptional program to help expand your knowledge and skills. We provide bright, young talent with unmatched opportunities to make an impact as integral members of our deal teams. With Raymond James, you will gain extensive M&A, equity, debt and restructuring experience while traveling and working directly alongside our senior bankers and the executives of our client companies and firms. You’ll be challenged to generate creative, original ideas with and learn from our more than 360 experienced bankers and analysts. Our investment banking analysts develop analytical, teamwork and problem-solving skills that benefit them throughout their careers. After completing the analyst program, many of our analysts are promoted within the firm while others go on to successful careers in private equity, the corporate world – often with one of our clients – or to attend top-tier graduate schools. At Raymond James, you’ll find that we’ve created an invaluable and unrivaled experience for motivated investment banking analysts. The road to success starts here.

      Our unique culture of independence and middle-market focus creates a better experience for motivated young professionals:

      • Multi-product experience including mergers & acquisitions, public & private equity, debt and restructuring
      • Smaller deal teams
      • More client interaction and travel
      • Working directly with senior bankers
      • Involvement in the entire deal process

      Explore the Investment Banking Analyst Program

      Investment Banking Opportunities

      Can you see yourself in Investment Banking?

      Raymond James offers unique internship and full-time opportunities for students and recent grads. Learn more about how starting with Raymond James Investment Banking can be an outstanding first step in your career.

      The next recruiting cycle will start in August 2019.

      • We offer a three-year analyst program in which you will gain firsthand experience and knowledge that you can apply to a broad range of financial careers. You will develop skills such as valuation, transaction structuring, negotiation strategies, financial modeling, corporate strategy, data gathering, problem solving, multi-tasking, communication, teamwork, and critical thinking. You will learn why and how companies make the decisions to raise capital, sell themselves or buy competitors. Moreover, you will work closely with intelligent, motivated professionals who will challenge your abilities and help you explore professional development opportunities that prepare you for promotion here or opportunities outside of Raymond James. Our analysts go on to:

        • Attend top-tier business and graduate schools
        • Join private equity firms, hedge funds, corporate development groups and startups
        • Accept associate level positions within Raymond James Investment Banking
        • Explore various opportunities within private business sector and/or a specific sector

      • We offer outstanding internship opportunities for highly motivated students. As an intern, you’ll be trained and challenged while gaining real-world responsibility and opportunity within the investment banking industry. From the very start, our interns are an integral part of deals – and of our team. You will work closely with intelligent, motivated professionals who will challenge your abilities and help you explore professional development opportunities that will prepare you for a successful career.


      A powerful presence across various industries.

      With Raymond James, you’ll have the chance to stretch not only professionally, but geographically. Raymond James Investment Banking has offices in 14 cities across the U.S.

      Investment banking careers map

      Ready to take your next step?

      Learn more about joining Equity Capital Markets, including our programs for full-time careers and internships.