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      Our Recruiting Philosophy & Hiring Process

      While there may be some variations depending on the area of the firm you’re considering, the basic elements of our hiring process remain the same. Here’s what you can expect as you pursue a future with Raymond James:

      Step 1 – The Search

      Search for positions you’re qualified for and then apply for the ones in which you’re most interested.

      Step 2 – Recruiter Review

      A recruiter will review your application and determine whether your skills and experience make you a good fit for the position.

      Step 3 – The Interview

      Once a recruiter has reviewed your application, he or she will reach out to schedule your interview – potentially by phone, online or in person – as well as a series of professional assessments. These vary by position and can include behavioral-based interviewing and interpersonal and cognitive ability assessments, among others.

      If the recruiter feels you’re a good fit for the position, the next step will be an interview with the hiring manager, normally conducted in person or over the phone.

      Step 4 – The Offer

      If you’re determined as the best candidate for the position and both you and the hiring manager know you’re the right fit for the team, you can expect to receive both a written and verbal offer of employment.

      Keep in mind that even if you don’t end up getting an offer for one position, we encourage you to continue exploring our opportunities and applying for any other positions that fit your goals and skill set.

      Step 5 – Onboarding

      Once we receive your verbal acceptance, we’ll schedule you for a background check and employment and education verification. Results are generally received within 48 to 72 hours.

      After your results are received, we’ll kick off the onboarding process by having you fill out new hire paperwork through our applicant tracking system. Then we’ll see you on day one for your Raymond James Week of Welcome.