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      Diversity & Inclusion

      Inspired by the power of perspectives

      “We’re in a people business, inside and out.”
      Bob James, Founder, Raymond James

      From the beginning, Raymond James has focused on helping clients achieve and maintain financial well-being. But equally important is how we treat the people who serve those clients.

      Intentionally building a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment is a natural extension of our values-based culture – the foundation upon which our company is built. Here, we strive to ensure everyone feels welcomed, valued, respected and heard so that you can fully contribute your unique talents for the benefit of clients, your career, our firm and our communities.

      We not only believe this is the right thing to do, we are confident these principles will help us best serve clients, grow our firm and strengthen our communities.


      CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion Pledge

      Raymond James is proud to join in the CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace. As a signatory of the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge, we are committed to cultivating an inclusive and diverse workplace, while also working with others across professions on collective strides toward these efforts. 

      Read the letter from Raymond James Financial Chairman and CEO Paul Reilly reinforcing our commitment to making a difference for our people and our communities.



      Five national networks are working to be the model of an inclusive environment through the work and participation of its leaders and members. Inclusion Networks are an avenue for us to share, learn and connect from each other. This means we continually shape an associate’s experience, raise awareness, build allies and support the business.


      Mosaic, the Multicultural Inclusion Network, brings together associates from all backgrounds to provide Raymond James associates of underrepresented ethnicities, nationalities and cultures with support, resources and opportunities for professional growth and development.


      Pride, the LGBTQ+ Inclusion Network, brings together LGBTQ+ associates and allies to build and retain a diverse workforce while creating an inclusive environment – a place where everyone feels a sense of belonging.  We are a key resource for providing education, support and opportunities for professional growth and development.


      Valor, the Veterans Inclusion Network, recognizes the sacrifices military members, veterans and their families make for our nation, and our priority is to make Raymond James the employer of choice for these individuals. We are acutely aware that veterans often face challenges as they transition back to civilian life or continue service through the Guard and Reserve, and we have created a network of professionals that can support, develop and promote the unique skillsets of veterans throughout Raymond James. Our goal is to focus on the development and growth of all associates by creating a strong community of veterans and veteran leaders. We aim to support the veteran community nationwide through national and local outreach programs.


      Win, the Women’s Inclusion Network, supports women’s professional and career development at Raymond James by fostering an environment that attracts and retains professional women who will contribute to the firm’s long-term success.


      Emerge, the Emerging Professionals Inclusion Network, provides a platform for Raymond James associates to advance their professional careers. We organize programs and events to provide a supportive environment for associates to interact with peers and  junior and senior leaders at and outside the firm to enhance learning and career growth opportunities. We also provide a platform for associates to get involved with and support business initiatives at Raymond James, corporate philanthropic activities and community service. 

      Financial Advisor Business Networks

      Network for Women Advisors

      The Network for Women Advisors has grown from a grassroots effort to more than 1,100 successful women who are passionate about connecting with like-minded women in the industry, building relationships and growing their businesses with the full support of a firm that puts advisors first. From practice management seminars to coaching programs and more, it offers the resources that entrepreneurial advisors and their teams need to reach their potential.

      Learn More

      Black Financial Advisors Network

      The Black Financial Advisors Network supports the recruitment and retention of the best and brightest black professionals in the financial services industry. They are also dedicated to helping you develop your career and grow your business with the support of accomplished advisors. Guided by a spirit of excellence and a client-first approach, the network is committed to contributing to the long-term success of black advisors and Raymond James.

      Learn More

      Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

      INROADS Internships

      INROADS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and placing talented, underserved youth in business and industry, and preparing them for corporate and community leadership. Raymond James has had a long and successful partnership with INROADS and provides internship opportunities for high-potential undergraduate minority students through the program. During the internships, participants are evaluated for continued sponsorship and potential long-term positions.

      Learn More

      Branch Apprenticeship Program

      The Branch Apprenticeship Program aims to source and place talented, diverse interns in our Raymond James & Associates branches located throughout the country. The two-year program provides students an opportunity to work through a hands-on branch experience during a rigorous, 10-week curriculum with the goal of building mutually beneficial relationships while providing post-graduation opportunities and a talent pipeline for branch roles.

      Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council

      Our internal Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council is comprised of senior leaders appointed by our CEO and Executive Committee to ensure our firm-wide commitment to diversity and inclusion continues to thrive and evolve. It is the primary body responsible for supporting the implementation of corporate diversity initiatives, representing associate and leader concerns and championing the practice of inclusion throughout the firm. Council members are interested in deeply, innovatively and proactively advancing the diversity and inclusion mission of Raymond James. They serve as a bridge, partnering with the Diversity and Inclusion leader, the Human Resources Executive Committee and the Inclusion Network leaders to ensure an equitable and inclusive workplace.

      Equal Employment Opportunity

      Raymond James values diversity and inclusion and treats all individuals with respect based on their merit. We are an equal opportunity employer and make all employment decisions on the basis of merit and business needs. We do not discriminate on the basis of race; color; ancestry; national origin; citizenship; religious creed; sex (including pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions); marital status; domestic partnership status; sexual orientation; gender identity or expression; veteran status; military status; family care or medical leave status; age; physical or mental disability; medical condition; genetic information; or any other basis protected by applicable federal, state or local law, rule, ordinance or regulation.

      Florida Businesses for a Competitive Workforce

      Raymond James is part of the Florida Business for a Competitive Workforce (FBCW). This partnership reflects Raymond James’ commitment to an inclusive and diverse environment where differences are understood, respected and valued.

      Human Rights Campaign’s Equality Index

      Each year, the Human Rights Campaign publishes its Corporate Equality Index, the national benchmarking tool on corporate policies and practices relating to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees. Raymond James has received high marks since our debut on the list in 2008.

      Life at Raymond James

      See what’s happening on our All Access careers blog, where you’ll find career advice, industry insights and a peek inside the life and culture at Raymond James.

      Learn More

      Social Responsibility

      Since our humble beginnings, Raymond James founder and son, Bob and Tom James, believed that putting others first – from our clients to our neighbors – was the right thing to do.

      Learn More