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      Culture and Diversity

      Gain insight on what life is like working with Raymond James.

      Our giving impact: Raymond James Cares Month 2019

      Our advisors and associates champion “giving back to the communities in which we live and work” in May during Raymond James Cares Month.

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      Celebrating Pride Month at Raymond James

      Supporting our LGBTQ+ community through education, awareness and participation

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      Celebrating Diversity Awareness Month

      Several events throughout the month highlighted Raymond James' commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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      A house to help the “lost” find their way home

      Read how one Alex. Brown associate dedicates his life to helping the homeless in Los Angeles.

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      AMP hosts reception at Black Financial Advisors Symposium

      The Advisor Mastery Program gave candidates a chance to learn more about the program and network with firm leaders.

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      Celebrating Black History Month at Raymond James

      Raymond James' Mosaic Network hosted a series of events in celebration of Black History Month

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      Through Tyler’s eyes: Raising awareness for autism

      Read how branch manager Evan Whittle is sharing his son’s story to raise autism awareness.

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      Kicking for Kids raises thousands

      Raymond James celebrates the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on-field success with the Kicking for Kids program, donating $368,500 to children's hospitals over the last 19 years.

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      This snack room spreads joy to hundreds

      Discover how Raymond James technology associates share joy around the holidays.

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      5th Annual Women in Capital Markets Symposium

      The Symposium included female associates as well as senior leaders from Global Equities, Investment Banking, Fixed Income, Public Finance and Carillon Tower Advisers.

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      Here's how we made a difference in 2018

      Since our founding in 1962, we've been committed to ''giving back to our communities in which we live and work'' – and 2018 was no exception.

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      United Way giving campaign raises $6.25 million

      See our success, and read about the 48-year partnership between Raymond James and the United Way.

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      Raymond James salutes veterans

      As they have already given so much, it should be a part of our everyday effort to do as much as we can to support, listen and educate on their behalf.

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      This is why I walk: The stories behind the walkers

      Read inspiring stories from associates across the firm to learn why they walk for various causes this season.

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      How one advisor is tackling the student debt crisis

      Discover how RJFS advisor Todd Sanford hopes to influence financial wellness in Southwest Michigan.

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      Raymond James celebrates Memphis Mid-South Pride

      See how our associates and their friends and family members celebrated Memphis Mid-South Pride.

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      This one’s for Taylor: A story of never giving up

      Read how RJA advisor Brian Haugen’s son serves as an inspiration for family, faith and football safety.

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      Giving while you're living

      Learn how financial advisor Tyson Ray is helping to break the cycle of poverty through his foundation, Children’s World Impact.

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      Paying it forward through financial literacy

      As part of Financial Literacy Month, volunteers helped to bridge the financial literacy gap.

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      Helping to build homes ... and dreams

      Over the past seven weeks, more than 200 volunteers donated 1,500+ hours to build the Umberger family home.

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      Inclusion starts with “I” and leads to “us”

      Mary-Frances Winters of the The Winters Group explored the eight steps we can all take to foster inclusion in the workplace.

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      Supporting the success of black financial advisors

      Learn more about our diversity efforts from Tash Elwyn.

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      The 2018 BISA Diversity Award

      We are proud to be recognized for demonstrating outstanding leadership, innovation and results in diversity management.

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      Swimming across Tampa Bay for the Navy SEAL Foundation

      On January 21, Jean “Niki” Wilson participated in the 9th Annual Tampa Bay Frogman Swim to raise money for the Navy SEAL Foundation

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      Giving back to your alma mater

      Raymond James Chairman and CEO, Paul Reilly, is proud to be a “Double Domer.”

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      Making a difference in a child’s life

      Giving back to the communities in which we live and work – a core tenet at Raymond James.

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