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      Campus Recruiting

      ODP Q&A: Zach Nicolaos, ODP Analyst

      Q: How would you describe yourself?

      A: I am a hardworking, outgoing individual who likes to influence change and inspire the people around me. I was born and raised in Syracuse, New York, and received my Bachelor of Science in finance from St. John Fisher College. Following my undergraduate degree, I decided to move to Florida and obtain my MBA from the University of Tampa. Prior to coming to Raymond James as a cost basis reporting/operations intern, I held five finance internships in four different industries.

      Q: What are your different rotations like?

      A: My first rotation is in the service delivery vertical where I report to Mike Ostrowski. I have been working closely with the QlikView team as well as the operations reporting analysts to create new account reports as well as new account business process improvements. My second rotation will be with Branch and Concierge Services and my third will be with Cost Basis and Tax Reporting.

      Q: How was it to transition from being an intern to the Operations Development Program (ODP)? What has been the greatest challenge?

      A: Transitioning from being an intern to working full time was a piece of cake. I believe I had little to no learning curve when it came to using our systems and following procedures.

      Q: What has been the greatest reward of ODP so far?

      A: The greatest reward so far has to be the support network of the other ODP analysts as well as the involvement with senior leadership. I believe this program will become a staple program for operations leadership in the near future.

      Q: What is your favorite memory of the Internship Development Program?

      A: My favorite memory of the Internship Development Program was going off-site to a laser tag facility where 80 interns as well as myself had the opportunity to get to know each other better in a cool environment.

      Q: How is ODP different from other rotational programs?

      A: I feel ODP is different because, with the various departments of operations, the placement opportunities are endless. Having the ability to meet key leadership in operations is something that sets the program apart from an entry level position.

      Q: What is your favorite thing about working at Raymond James overall?

      A: My favorite thing about working at Raymond James is the culture. I have seen different organizations firsthand and I feel this environment is fantastic for motivated individuals who are eager to excel and learn.

      Q: Any advice for someone who may consider joining the firm (or ODP) in the future?

      A: My advice for anyone eager to join the firm or ODP is to network and put your best foot forward. With such a large organization, it is important for you to know what you're getting into in terms of departments. With the open-door policy of Raymond James, it is very easy for someone to stop in another’s office and have an introduction.