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      Campus Recruiting

      Meet the Campus Recruiting Team

      September 20, 2019

      Lauren Hearon
      Manager, Campus Recruiting

      How long have you been with Raymond James? I have been with Raymond James for 3.5 years. I have had the privilege to develop in a few different roles on the campus team since joining the firm.

      What is something an intern has done that wowed you? The best thing an intern has ever done that wowed me revolved around a personal occasion. Last summer during our internship program, I went out of the office for an unexpected wisdom teeth procedure. As I help facilitate our intern events, I informed the interns of my three-day departure. Upon my leave, a group of those interns surprised me with gelato and a “Get Well” card. That small act of kindness represents the kind of contagious care our interns and associates have for one another. While a minor surgery seems so insignificant, that consideration and acknowledgement for my well-being made it an intern appreciation act I will never forget.

      Shanti Muddappa
      Senior Talent Advisor, Campus Recruiting

      What is the best thing a candidate has done to wow you or show their appreciation? I have met hundreds of terrific candidates, but one that really stands out to me was a highly motivated junior who took on any obstacle with great confidence. He worked two jobs throughout his three years in college to pay for all his expenses while maintaining his close to 4.0 GPA as a full-time student. His average day was a true juggling act between classes, his two jobs, and leadership and extracurricular activities. He had maybe two to three hours of sleep each day. And all with a smile and a humble approach. His drive and persistence to achieve his goals is definitely a story that inspires.

      What are some of the schools you individually attend/recruit at? In Investment Banking, we recruit at 15 different schools nationwide, some of which include Notre Dame, University of Michigan, Duke University, Boston College, University of Florida, UC Berkeley, UT Austin.

      April Wingate
      Talent Advisor, Campus Recruiting

      What area do you specialize/support in recruiting? I lead the firm’s recruiting efforts for internships, postgraduate programs and entry-level positions in the areas of Information Technology, Operations, Financial Reporting, Accounting Systems and Projects, Fixed Income and Financial Advisor Branches, to name a few.

      What is your favorite part of being on the Campus Recruiting team? My favorite part of being on the Campus Recruiting team is definitely planning developmental, engaging, and, most importantly, FUN events for our Summer Internship Development Program! I have thoroughly enjoyed several events we have coordinated over the last year such as: Fireside Chats with executive speakers, volunteer days, developmental workshops, karaoke events and appreciation celebrations, just to name a few. This makes my job feel incredibly rewarding, and I am excited to continue planning more events like these in the future.

      Andria Quinlan
      Talent Advisor, Campus Recruiting

      What is your favorite part of working here? The people. After graduating from FSU, my core group of friends moved to completely different areas of the country, and I moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, not really knowing anyone. However, once starting my job at Raymond James, I quickly met so many unique individuals who have become some of my closest and lifelong friends. (Fun Fact: One of my co-workers became my best friend, and I was a bridesmaid in her wedding!) Everyone is incredibly supportive and always willing to help, and those qualities have provided a positive environment for me to grow personally and professionally.

      What led you to join the campus recruiting team? I joined Raymond James in 2016 as an Accelerated Development Program (ADP) analyst in the Marketing department. In this role, I had the opportunity to support and mentor our marketing interns as well as join the campus team at their career fair events. It was so rewarding to connect with students on campus and help them navigate their career journey. After graduating from ADP in January 2018, I continued my career in marketing as an account manager and luckily was able to continue supporting the campus team by representing marketing at career fair events. Once a full-time role opened up on the campus recruiting team in May 2019, I took this as a sign to change careers and pursue an area that I was passionate about and where I knew I could bring value. I love this team and role!

      Amber Grace
      Talent Advisor, Campus Recruiting

      What is your favorite part of working here? As a Campus Recruiter, I am in the business of transformation. Sometimes it’s being a strategic partner, a mentor or a subject-matter expert. Other times, it’s taking part in the candidate’s transformation by offering students and recent graduates the opportunity to have a career that will change their lives. Raymond James is committed to investing in the best and brightest in the industry, which empowers me to attract, cultivate and retain top talent for the firm. I have the ability to make a lasting impact on what Raymond James will look like over the next 5, 10 and 15 years.

      What makes a student stand out during campus recruiting season? Exude energy and a positive attitude, but don’t fake it. Being your authentic self goes a long way. Conduct research on Raymond James and be equipped with conversational topics and current events related to the firm. Have a healthy curiosity about the company and the role that interests you. Articulate why you chose your current major and how it relates to the position(s) that appeal to you. Most importantly, show that you have a life! Tell us about your on- and off-campus involvement, your hobbies that get you excited, and what you do in your free time.