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      Financial Advisor Bill of Rights

      We believe you should be the one who determines the best course for your business - so much so, we've put it in writing.
      1. You own your client base, including the right to sell it.*
      2. You develop and operate your practice with our assistance, not constraints.
      3. You’re free to work with your clients, without regard to account size or asset levels, while respecting existing Raymond James advisor-client relationships.
      4. You have access to world-class resources and personalized attention from a firm that puts the focus on you.
      5. You can count on our financial strength to support your business, even when the marketplace is challenging.
      6. You benefit from the stability of our firm, a public company traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
      7. You are never influenced to do anything that’s not in your clients’ best interests – no sales quotas, account size restrictions or product pushes designed to influence your decisions
      8. You’re entitled to enthusiastic support from associates throughout the Raymond James organization.
      9. You will be fairly compensated, and can expect a consistent pay schedule with straightforward, transparent commission architecture and no holdbacks on dealer allowances.
      *Certain qualifications apply.