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      About Us

      The network at a glance

      Key highlights

      25 years of serving smart, talented female advisors

      100s of advisors to network and share ideas with at the annual Women’s Symposium

      1,100+ female advisors with Raymond James affiliations of all types

      How the network works for you

      The Raymond James Network for Women Advisors is here to connect you with practice management resources, enriching events and networking opportunities, giving you access to the tools and talent you need to:

      Gain knowledge and connections

      Build relationships and share ideas with fellow women advisors at national conference events, regional meetings, the annual Women’s Symposium and more intimate networking opportunities year-round.

      Grow your practice

      Leverage practice management resources, coaching programs, study groups and online forums that can help bring your practice to a new level.

      How the network works for women

      Built by women advisors for women advisors, the network has cultivated a unique voice in the financial services business over the years and has developed strategies for supporting women at every stage of their careers, whether they are veteran advisors, just starting out or considering a career switch.

      A steadfast advocate

      Our organization tackles important, emerging issues within the industry, and our Women’s Advisory Council – a group of successful, dynamic women advisors – helps drive the mission and vision of the network so it stays connected with the needs of women advisors.

      An eye on the future

      For more than 25 years, we’ve had the full support of the Raymond James leadership team – a team that believes the diversity of the world around us should be reflected in our advisor force and works with us to help expand the numbers and roles for women in our industry. That has translated into, among many other things, concentrated recruiting efforts and the creation of specialized training programs, including one designed just for registered sales associates.