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      Aspire Magazine

      Aspire to greater

      Launched in 2017, Aspire magazine is a biannual publication dedicated to contributing to the development, telling the stories and amplifying the voices of women in financial services. Each issue features profiles of game-changing leaders, perspective from women advisors, fresh ideas and industry news.

      Latest Issue

      Closing the Wealth Gap

      In the summer issue, you'll hear how Chloe McKenzie's nonprofit, BlackFem, is assisting women of color, as well as how social psychologist Amy Cuddy's advice can help you become your most present self. You’ll learn about work-life balance from Amber Seale and dive into inspiring stories from Margaret Folk and Sheri Lucas.

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      Past issues

      Spring 2019 Issue

      In our spring issue, Anne Gates, Susan Story and Shelley Broader discuss the power possibility that comes with serving on a board of directors.

      Summer 2018 Issue

      Cover star Jocelyn Wright talks about leading the charge for a more inclusive financial services industry, an Xennial advisor offers cross-generational perspective and more.

      Spring 2018 Issue

      Pippa Malmgren takes a unique view on our economic future and offers up her “imagination starter kit,” and we interview Eleanor Blayney, the CFP Board’s special advisor on gender diversity.

      Summer 2017 Issue

      In our inaugural run, Elevate Network founder and former head of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Sallie Krawcheck talks redefining Wall Street for women.