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      Central Region

      A firm like no other

      central regionNo one knows your business better than you. But when an issue arises, be it technological, personnel, procedural or even client-related, it helps to have a team of professionals and experts working on your behalf to make things right.

      Being an independent advisor can be the most satisfying career move you can make, but it can also be the most challenging. Raymond James has been the firm of choice for some of our industry’s most successful independent advisors because we work hard to ensure you have every advantage to succeed:


      Here, you own your book, and we put that in writing. Your book is an asset on your personal balance sheet.

      Control and flexibility.

      You choose your office location, décor, hours, dress code, staffing, who is invited to join your office, which software and systems to use, and the list goes on. We provide you the resources and support, you choose what and how much you use.

      Higher payout.

      We provide the competitive payouts and exceptional service to reward your entrepreneurial spirit, a strategy that’s led us to enjoy almost unprecedented levels of firm and advisor loyalty. Raymond James advisors consistently experience one of the highest “earnings per rep” of any major independent broker/dealer.

      Tax advantages.

      Receiving a Form 1099 versus a W-2 presents the opportunity to efficiently manage taxation for your business, thereby effectively increasing your payout. We encourage you to consult your CPA to learn more about this benefit.

      Retirement and succession planning.

      When you are ready to sell your practice, independent books generally garner a higher selling price because of higher cash flows and the portability of the book. To ensure you receive the maximum value out of your life’s work, we have associates dedicated to business valuation, and the sourcing of qualified buyers. You control the structure of the deal and may incur tax advantages as a business owner at the time of the sale.

      However, perhaps the biggest advantages we offer are the level of support and respect. Our business is to support yours. We are your advocates to help bring about solutions so you can do business the way you want to do it, from transition to technology, marketing to practice management, and compliance to succession planning.

      I invite you to learn more about our firm and the possibilities that we can create together for your practice and your clients.

      Kirk Bell
      Regional Director


      Kirk Bell
      Kirk Bell
      Regional Director - Central
      AR, CO, KS, LA, MT, ND, NE, NM, OK, SD, TX, WY
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      Joe Meyer
      Joe Meyer
      Assistant Regional Director
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      Jody Lane
      Assistant Regional Director
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      Theresa Stone
      Vice President, Business Development Consultant
      LA, NM, Southern TX
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      Austen Karr
      Austen Karr
      Vice President, Business Development Consultant
      MT, WY, CO, ND, SD, OK, Northern TX
      Read Bio
      Meghan Kitzinger
      Business Development Consultant
      AR, KS, NE
      Read Bio
      Becky Rector
      Becky Stratton
      Business Development Associate, Central Region
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      Maurice Jackson
      Regional Operations Consultant
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      Tina Solomon
      Tina Solomon
      Regional Management Liaison
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      CFP??|?Certified Financial Planner? |?CFP
      CFP Board owns the CFP? marks in the United States,?which it awards to individuals who successfully complete initial and ongoing certification requirements.


      Conferences, special events & workshops

      We know that professional development, networking opportunities and continuing education are indispensable to career and practice growth. Our advisors enjoy access to numerous conferences, workshops and special events designed to provide equal opportunities for professional growth, personal enrichment and fun.

      2019 National Conference

      The 2019 RJFS Elevate Conference will be held at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, from April 29 – May 2, 2019.

      2019 Regional Conferences

      Regional Conferences provide opportunities for advisors to interact with their Regional and Divisional Management teams, key home office departments and Education and Marketing Partners through general sessions, breakouts and new intensive workshops that feature tactical ways to enhance their businesses. There is also a focus on hands-on technology sessions that highlight recent and upcoming technology tools at Raymond James.

      Practice Intelligence Workshops

      These “By Invitation Only” workshops are designed to assist you in developing your practice to its full potential.

      Ready to learn more?

      Now that you have scratched the surface of the possibilities that await you here, get the whole story. Have a confidential conversation with our consultants about what your business would look like as an advisor at Raymond James.