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      Custody & Clearing

      The power to do more. The partner to make it easy.

      When it comes to expanding and enhancing your firm’s capabilities, Raymond James Custody & Clearing doesn’t just make virtually anything possible, we make it personal. You’ll receive individualized guidance from professionals who understand the needs of firms like yours and direct access to a full range of programs, products and cutting-edge technology to help you grow – all while maintaining the freedom to engage our resources at whatever level you need.

      Hear directly from firms like you who partner with Raymond James Custody & Clearing


      Your total technology solution

      Raymond James invests in technology – $320 million annually – to support an integrated, ever-growing platform of cutting-edge tools designed to provide sophisticated solutions, keep you connected across devices and improve advisor-client collaboration.

      Advisor Accesssee content

      Your financial life at your fingertips.

      Advisor Access is a remarkable web-based suite of systems that enable advisors to serve clients, manage operations and increase productivity more efficiently than ever. Easy to navigate and available across devices, it gives advisors the flexibility to meet the specific business needs of your firm efficiently and economically.

      Reports Centersee content

      Our advisors have a legacy of serving clients differently.

      Reports Center is a reporting and analytical tool that integrates asset, production and other business information from a number of other systems to provide you with timely and historical data in a single report.

      Supervisory Workstationsee content

      The availability of proactive tools to minimize risk.

      Supervisory Workstation gives management an extra layer of control in supervising client account activity. This tool allows for advisors to be proactive and minimize risk to your firm. It improves response time to potential concerns, centralizes documentation for all parties and streamlines the review of trades, accounts and activities.

      Support & Securitysee content

      At Raymond James, we recognize the trust you place in us.

      Because support and security are of the utmost importance, Raymond James has an in-house team of professionals as well as specialized programs to provide technical assistance in order to prevent and detect intrusion or other suspicious activity. One of the most exceptional aspects of our technology is the people who support it. You can expect full technical assistance from a team that has consistently voted Raymond James one of Computerworld magazine’s “Best Places to Work in IT.”

      Computerworld invites readers, PR professionals and other interested parties to nominate organizations and conducts a survey, ranking nominated organizations based on number of U.S.-based employees, number of U.S.-based IT employees, percentage of IT turnover, percentage of IT promotions, training opportunities, paid time off and health benefits.

      Services & Support

      Personalized service State-of-the-art support

      At Raymond James, more than 4,500 home office professionals are here to serve as an extension of the knowledge, experience and dedication you bring to your practice. To these professionals, you are the client, and they work hard to ensure you have the tools and information at your fingertips to provide the highest-caliber service to your clients.

      • We assign each firm a dedicated relationship manager responsible for the strategic business development of our partnership. In addition, a dedicated liaison will be assigned to your firm for all of your daily activity needs. Your liaison stays up to date on all Raymond James policies and procedural changes, helping you navigate our platform.


      • Bring more to your client relationships with the impressive array of services available through Raymond James. PCG Education & Practice Management focuses on providing you with the best available tools and resources to help manage your firm effectively and accelerate business growth – all while ensuring you have the flexibility and support to grow your business on your terms.

      • The Raymond James Practice Intelligence program is a multifaceted resource designed to help advisors improve their practices and better their businesses. It encompasses three main features: the Practice Intelligence Model, a simple, step-by-step approach to help advisors improve some or all of their practices; an online resource hub, offering hundreds of materials on diverse subjects; and quarterly campaigns, which offer advisors a deep-look at a variety of development topics.

      • From the day you decide to clear through Raymond James, our team will take the lead on ensuring a seamless transition to our platform and services. A transition consultant will personally assist you with the important details and act as your liaison to the support professionals at the home office, coordinating timely, responsive assistance from each business area essential to making your transition a success.

      • Raymond James Marketing is a full-service, in-house marketing and advertising agency staffed with creative professionals with the skills to translate your vision into reality. Whether you are looking for advertising, public relations, strategy or analysis, Raymond James Marketing can develop materials that fit your style, reflect your standards and connect with your target audience.

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      • In addition to more traditional services, Raymond James offers several other alternatives including:

        Rule 144 & 145 Restricted Securities Program – You can arrange loans to company principals against securities that are restricted yet salable.

        Cashless Stock Option Program – This program allows company employees to exercise their stock options with no personal outlay of cash. 

        Direct Transfer to Beneficiaries Service – This is a legal agreement between an individual and Raymond James that enables their assets to bypass probate, and be rapidly transferred to the beneficiaries of choice.


      A-la-carte programs and services

      The best part of our full range of products and services is that you pay only for what you need. Choose from a variety of technology programs, high quality fee-based programs and distinctive asset management services, as well as a complete range of business services.

      • The various fee-based programs offered by Raymond James Asset Management Services, including managed and non-managed accounts, make it easy to create a solution for any investor’s needs. Clients will have the option of managing their own assets, letting advisors manage them or leveraging the expertise of carefully screened portfolio managers.

      • In addition to a broad range of fee-based alternatives, we offer one of the industry’s largest selections of mutual fund families available from a single source. Covering more than 9,000 open-end mutual funds, our research analysts take great care to evaluate individual mutual funds based on your specific needs and those of your clients. This includes responding to due diligence questions, providing general sales and marketing support, as well as coordinating field trips to marketing companies.

      • Raymond James’ extensive institutional sales network positions us as a premier distribution system both nationally and abroad – an advantage you can extend to corporate clients and prospects looking to generate capital through a public offering. A testament to our strong presence in the market, we maintain a track record of being among the top traders for our firm’s lead-managed underwritings.

      • Through Raymond James, you’ll gain access to a wide variety of fixed income products, including brokered CDs, corporate and government bonds, mortgage-backed securities and CMOs, preferred securities, and unit investment trusts (taxable fixed income and equity-related, tax-free fixed income), as well as investment tools such as fixed income portfolio analysis, which provides extensive product assessment and reporting.

      • Raymond James maintains a full-service Investment Banking group, providing public and private offerings of equity and debt, as well as merger and acquisition services. The extensive industry knowledge and transaction expertise of our capital markets professionals delivers a full array of transactional services, enhanced by strategic advice and planning for every stage of a company’s life cycle.

      • Equity research is a cornerstone of our organization. Raymond James employs nearly 80 analysts covering nearly 1,300 companies in nine highly focused industries: Consumer, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Industrial, Mining & Natural Resources, Real Estate, Technology & Communications, and Transportation. We are a top provider of equity research in both the U.S. and North America in terms of companies covered.

      • The Raymond James Alternative Investments Group provides a broad array of high-quality investment choices for higher-net-worth clients, including exchange funds, private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, managed futures, equipment leasing, real estate and sector-specific opportunities. The group conducts extensive due diligence to assist you with navigating this sometimes volatile portfolio sector in varied markets.*

        *Alternative investments involve specific risks that may be greater than those associated with traditional investments and may be offered only to clients who meet specific suitability requirements, including minimum-net-worth tests.

      • Raymond James Bank will offer advisors opportunities to a complete cash management solution and a full range of banking services, your clients may also work directly with a Raymond James mortgage consultant for first mortgage loans and home equity lines of credit. Keep in mind, unless licensed to sell mortgages, advisors are not permitted to solicit or offer residential mortgage products and are unable to accept any residential mortgage loan applications or to offer or negotiate terms of any such loan.

        *Banking and lending solutions provided by Raymond James Bank, N.A. Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. and Raymond James & Associates, Inc. are affiliated with Raymond James Bank, N.A., a federally chartered national bank.

      • Raymond James Trust, N.A.* offers a variety of personal and charitable trust services to deepen advisor’s relationships with their client, including revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, testamentary trusts, charitable trusts, life insurance trusts, special needs trust, marital trusts and more.

        *Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. and Raymond James & Associates, Inc. are affiliated with Raymond James Trust.

      • The Wealth Solutions team offers specialized capabilities for managing substantial assets to assist advisors competing for high-net-worth clientele. Our professionals can cater to a variety of objectives – working as your partner, not your competition. Whether advisors seek expertise regarding significant wealth events, estate planning, charitable giving, lending or risk management, the Wealth Solutions team is here to help you serve your clients’ needs.

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