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      Alex. Brown

      Build your future on 200 years of history

      Marrying the full-service strength of Raymond James with the heritage of America’s oldest investment bank, Alex. Brown puts the resources needed to craft solutions for even the most complex client at your disposal.

      Talk to a Consultant

      A day in the life

      From your office inside a well-established and well-appointed regional branch, you’ll deliver an elevated experience supported by collaboration with fellow advisors and staff, a suite of high-caliber, boutique services for high-net-worth clients, and the combined strength of Alex. Brown and Raymond James.

      The big questions

      To help you dig deeper into what being a client advisor entails – and what you can expect as part of Alex. Brown – we’ve provided answers to the questions advisors ask most.

      How will I be compensated?

      Up to 50% payout (specific percentages depend on mix of business and production)

      Bonus opportunities, deferred compensation and equity participation plans

      Where will I work?

      You can choose to join an existing branch or start a branch of your own

      What resources will I have access to?

      Work in a boutique business setting leveraging the 200-year-old Alex. Brown brand with the full support of Raymond James behind you along with select third-party institutional and research capabilities.

      Enjoy a full-service branch setting, but with more flexibility and control than you will find in any other traditional partnership. You’ll leverage the 200-year old heritage of the Alex. Brown brand while you enjoy support from your local team, branch and operations managers so you can focus your attention on your clients and growing your business.

      Resources and Support

      Services tailored to your vision of success

      First-class support plays a crucial role in a long and successful career, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. Everything you deserve and more than you ever expected – that’s what we strive to deliver. Services include: Marketing and social media, practice management, succession planning, transitions management, wealth solutions.

      • To keep all the moving pieces of your day seamlessly connected, you require access to integrated, efficient technology. And that’s precisely what we provide. Explore how our advisor-driven technology – intuitive applications built with input from our advisors to effectively meet your needs – can elevate your practice.

        Providing an integrated and customizable platform that supports advisors and their business is our top priority. Explore how our technology is built from the mind of the advisor by navigating “Technology for you” and “Technology for your clients”.

        Learn More about Technology
      • Raymond James understands the importance of managing and building your brand as an advisor. This goes beyond simply extending the brand of the firm you’ve chosen to partner with – this is building your brand with your clients. That’s why we have a full-service, in-house creative agency made up of nearly 150 marketing professionals who are dedicated to serving their clients – financial advisors like you.

        We actively encourage advisors to use our capabilities for custom branding, social media and website development to grow their businesses. Combining marketing experience with intimate financial services knowledge, we work closely with advisors to translate their vision into reality by developing materials that fit their style, reflect their standards and connect with their target audience.

        Learn More about Marketing
      • PCG Education & Practice Management focuses on providing you with the best available tools and resources to help manage your practice effectively and accelerate business growth – all while ensuring you have the flexibility and support to grow your business on your terms.

        Learn More about Practice Management
      • We pride ourselves on a tight-knit culture that offers the personalized support you'll need to expand your practice as your goals evolve and, eventually, pass it on as you see fit. When you’re ready to grow, we’ll help you through each stage of acquiring another practice or book of business. And when you’re ready to retire, we’ll help you establish a business succession plan – building long-term value that will help you maximize the rewards of your years of hard work.

        Learn More about Succession Planning
      • Every new advisor should have a smooth transition. That’s why we have a knowledgeable team of professionals – one of the largest in the industry – whose main responsibility is helping advisors make successful moves through a personalized process.

        Our Transitions group will support you from the first day of your affiliation, from quickly and accurately processing account paperwork to setting up your staff with the appropriate technology to resume serving clients.

        Learn More about Transitions Management
      • Managing substantial wealth often requires specialized capabilities and expertise. The Wealth Solutions team offers just that, helping advisors compete for and service high-net-worth clientele. Our professionals cater to the planning and wealth management needs of high-net-worth clients – working as your partner, not your competition.

        Whether you’re seeking expertise regarding significant wealth events or guidance with specific planning disciplines such as estate planning, charitable giving, lending solutions or risk management, the Wealth Solutions team is here to serve you and your clients.

        Learn More about Wealth Solutions


      Connect with your state’s dedicated Regional Director

      John Sutton
      Regional Director, Metropolitan
      Brett Kellam
      Regional Director, Atlantic

      Our Regions


      Ready to learn more?

      Now that you have scratched the surface of the possibilities that await you here, get the whole story. Have a confidential conversation about what your business would look like as an advisor at Alex. Brown.