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      United Way giving campaign raises $6.25 million

      See how our associates broke records in year-end giving, and read about the 48-year partnership between Raymond James and the United Way.

      Together, Raymond James and the United Way tackle some of the world’s toughest issues – improving education, strengthening financial stability and making communities healthier.

      A 48-year partnership

      The partnership between the two organizations dates back to 1970, when Raymond James’ charitable spirit was just gaining momentum.

      “It started out of necessity,” said Tom James, chairman emeritus and former chief executive officer. “We really didn’t have a lot of money to give away at that point, but wanted to do something charitably.”

      It was an obvious choice for Raymond James to turn to the United Way, reputable for its thorough research and respected work with partner agencies, while also developing much-needed services and resources for those less fortunate across our communities.

      “The firm could turn to the United Way to research charities and even respond to questions about funds,” said Tom. “They (the United Way) did all of the work to vet charities and more – it was a win-win for everyone.”

      Over the course of the next few years, the official Raymond James | United Way annual giving campaign was born.

      Now more than four decades later, the firm continues to invite branches and corporate locations across the country to give back during the annual campaign. As a bonus, associates can multiply their impact with a dollar-for-dollar corporate match (up to $10,000), choosing whether to donate to their local United Way chapter or a partner agency of their choice.

      “Giving to the United Way, particularly through the Raymond James campaign, is a way for our associates to invest in thousands of organizations across the country,” said Serge Eygenson, assistant to the chairman at Raymond James and the 2018 campaign chair. “With the firm’s match, their impact goes even further.”

      Record-breaking results

      This year's campaign was no different, making it our most impactful yet. Throughout December, associates donated a record $3.33+ million toward their communities, and together with the firm’s nearly match, we’ll distribute nearly $6.25 million across the country through the United Way.

      “I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to lead the campaign and continue our culture of giving back,” said Serge. “Our associates’ generosity translates into millions of dollars invested into our communities. It’s truly a team effort and displays our commitment to partnering with the United Way.”

      Top 100 Workplaces

      Raymond James was named to the United Way Suncoast's list of the Top 100 Workplaces, earning the second-place spot for its 2017 United Way campaign. The firm was second only to Publix Super Markets, which has more than 193,000+ employees, compared with not quite 13,000 Raymond James associates.

      “I’m proud of the ways our associates give back,” said Raymond James Chairman and CEO Paul Reilly. “It’s not just a long-standing tradition – it shows that together, we really do make a difference.”

      Raymond James Cares

      Together, we make a difference to build, strengthen and grow our communities. To learn more about the firm’s corporate philanthropy, click here.

      To see how associates give back all year long, follow Raymond James on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.